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Wallan Secondary

It has been a fantastic three days spent with Wallan S.C year nine students and teachers at The Summit. With a small group of students Tim and Tom were really excited to get to know each student and help them to unleash their greatness.

First day was about the tribe bonding together in a couple of initiatives and tribe name. Welcome to the Dark Matter and Killer Rubber Duckies.

Laser was a fun activity with Emily being the game changer in her accuracy and timing to help her team win. Great effort has to go to Jacob for reaching the top of the Over-hang wall on the Rock wall.

Snowy River Challenge was the first of the tribe challenges with time, both tribes were brilliant at supporting each other through the course but there could only be one winner, Killer Rubber Duckies finishing in 23.17 been beaten by Dark Matter in 13.59. Mei was extraordinarily brave to push herself well beyond her super stretch to get onto the High Wire and complete the entire challenge.

Monster was a whole tribe effort as both tribe joined together to form a SUPER tribe. There was some amazing encouragement throughout the entire course. After completing the first lap there was some cold and sorry bodies but the determination and persistence was shown as the whole tribe improved their overall time by 4.04 in their second lap. It exceptional effort to share the effort with everyone.

To finish off camp both tribe tackle two last challenges, one being Snake and Nails and the other Summit Window. The snake and nails were a really great sessions with both questions and attempts on walking across the nails and holding the snake.

Lilly and James were the stand out for their efforts on Summit Window as they both were scared of the height of the window but still found something more to get up and complete the challenge. Lilly along with Mei were the values winners for their tribes and as a result were rewarded with the ride in the summit army tank. Thank you again to all that came to the Summit camp from Wallan S.C.

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