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Springside West Secondary

Monday the 25th was the first visit from the students of Springside West S.C. It was to be a quick visit as the group was here for just one full day.

With no time to waste we got into initiatives where Molly was the person who lost the most Lily pads for leaping lily pads. Masco was great in his ideas and leading of half a pipe initiative which was good as it is a leadership camp.

The Monster course was the concluding activity for day one. It was cold, wet muddy but that did not stop everyone having fun. The effort for the second lap was rewarded with an improvement of 7.59.What an effort everyone.

Second day of camp was all about the heights and the challenges they can bring. High wire was the first to bring the best out of the tribe. Jasmin was so brave to challenge herself and push all the way to the top. Giant swing was crazy, cool and funny with Myra and her choice of words while flying. Leap of faith was the last activity of camp with each person in the tribe giving it their all.

Jasmin and Myra were reward with the ride in the army tank. Well-deserved girls. Thank you again the all the leaders from Springside West S.C.

We look forward to seeing you again.

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