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Rossbourne School

What a pleasure it has been to have the students and teachers from Rossbourne school back at The Summit for another year. Being the first school camp back for term three, The Summit coaches were just as excited as the students.

The first few initiatives got each tribe in the mood for the week long camp and helped to form an identity with the naming of each tribe. Welcome to the Wallies, Mountain Ranges, Samari Swords and Big Boys.

Highlights from the first day are Naomi, who bravely touched Monty The Summit python with the help of Catherine during Snake and Nails. Some fast times on the Inflatables activities to start the fastest racers competition from the Big Boys. Tuesday’s highlights involved the winners of the fastest racer which was taken out by Ben and Paul from Samari Swords and Leon from the Mountain Ranges. Oscar was also the first to make it up the Overhang wall of the Rock Wall.

Bush Challenge results are as follows:

  • Mountain Ranges took 36.16

  • Wallies took 31.03

  • Big Boys took 28.23 but were beaten by Samari Swords who took 27.45

Wednesday was the biggest day for activities with six activities being tackled by all tribes. Giant Swing had so many screaming either in excitement or fear but was so amazing to see so many really live by the thought of ‘Getting comfortable being uncomfortable”.

Snowy river challenge was another team challenge with the result going like this:

  • Mountain ranges 36.58

  • Samari Swords 34.23

  • Big Boys 31.56

  • and winners were Wallies in 28.48

By Thursday everyone was into the spirit of camp and what it meant to really 'play all in.' Nothing said this more than 3 activities and the Monster course. Sky Bridge showed many that if you fall you get back up again and never give up.

Monster ended in an all in mud flight at the end of the course but the result were:

  • Mountain ranges 31.17

  • Wallies 26.41

  • Big Boys 26.25

  • and winners were Samari Swords with 24.35.

Thank you for playing and including the coaches in your fun.

To finish up camp each tribe voted for a five key values winner from there tribe. This person would be rewarded with a ride in The Summit army tank. Congratulation to Kate, Charlotte, Jordan and Ashton. Once again thank you and congratulations to all the students and teachers from Rossbourne School for a fabulous camp.

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