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Bellarine Secondary College

To start the month of August, Bellarine Secondary College year eleven leaders came to The Summit for their three day camp. Ready and raring to challenge themselves and the leadership qualities it was straight into initiatives and a tribe name. Steezy JiblordSz and Chocolate Thunda were created prepared for the first afternoon of activities.

Olivia, Ben may have fallen on the Sky Bridge but never gave up to dig deep and complete the entire challenge. Snowy River Challenge had both tribes working exceptionally well together to tackle the course. The Fastest tribe was Chocolate Thunder who, with their three and half minutes off took 12.43 to complete the course.

Scavenger Hunt had each tribe racing around The Summit finding photo opportunities and gaining points. Steezy JiblordSz gain 5 10 points while Chocolate Thunda were impressive with 645 points. Get effort in finding so many of the photo opportunities.

Leap of Faith was the challenge which everyone had to find another level of confidence and trust the process as they leapt for the Leap of Faith bar. A lot of the student learnt a lot about themselves and how much they really can achieve when they put their mind to it.

Giant Swing was the place to have many laughs in support of others swinging and screaming once releasing the release cord. The funny part was the boys screaming more than the girls and still being fine with that. Highwire saw so many lay down of the wire and find the confidence to trust their tribe mates as they were belayed.

Monster was everything and more to what everyone had heard or expected. Mud, water, tyres, woodern sleds and even cargo nets were involved in this epic course. Nothing could compare to the shoe sucking mud at the end of the course in the mud mounds. Tim and Jackie were even given facials thanks to students from both tribes which added to the fun and laughs throughout the course. Well done to both tribes who improved the laps by at least 3 minutes but there could only be one winner which was Chocolate Thunda who improved by 5.37.

Window was the highest activity run for the camp. Imogen showed her growth through-out camp and self-belief to really find another level in going to the top of the window. Matt was exceptional in his support for the entire tribe while at the Summit Window.

Values winners were rewarded with a hot lap in The Summit army tank. Ben and Olivia were outstanding for their tribes and deserved the reward as they lived by the five keys while at camp.

Congratulations again. Once again thank you to all that came to The Summit from Bellarine S.C. Don’t forget to stay connected with the summit and sign up for the Summit online course.

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