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Norwood Secondary

This week we welcomed Norwood year 8’s to The Summit.

We had 11 activities planned, and each group conquered nine of them with the Monster Course included.

Our focus for the camp was of course to have an epic experience with the help of the the 5 keys.

It was during the Giant Swing, Leap of Faith, Rockwall and Summit Window where you challenged your fear of heights.

It was during the Flying Fox, Laser Skirmish and Inflatables where you just had fun and played.

The Cave challenged your fear of the dark and the unknown.

The Bush Challenge and the Snowy River Challenge and of course the Monster Course were opportunities for you to put your team work to the test.

The results for the team challenges were:

Snowy River Challenge:

Team 1: 23:40

Team 2: 18:25

Team 3: 18:34

Team 6: 39:00

Team 7: 23:10

Team 8: 31:08

Team 9: 23:11

Team 10: 16:00

Team 11: 26:30

Bush Challenge:

Team 1: 31:38

Team 2: 25:35

Team 3: 20:42

Team 4: 22:13

Team 5: 28:25

Team 6: 23:45

Team 7: 17:00

Team 8: 36:39

Team 9: 20:55

Monster Course Improvement Times:

Team 1: 1.44

Team 2: 5.03

Team 3: 2:39

Team 4: 4:09

Team 5: + .10

Team 6: 14:13

Team 7: 6:13

Team 8: + 7:27

Team 9: 1:33

Team 10: + 0.38

Team 11: + 4:00

You all did an incredible and was awesome to have you guys on camp. Extra special well-done to the 5 key winners that were nominates from their tribes and who rode in the tank. Great Job Tom, Jasmine, Jamie, Natalie, Rohan, Rhys, Husain, Abbey, Rodrick, Bella and Amy.

Thanks and all the best,

The summit team.

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