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Belgrave Heights Christian College

The Summit coaches could not stop raving about the incredible three days we had with Belgrave Heights Christian College. As soon as you all stepped off the bus you brought all the fun and energy our coaches could not get enough!

We had five new tribes formed ready to take on any challenge that was thrown at them. These tribes were Disco Chicken (1), Krackers Kynan (2), Aruga (3), Mad Dog 14 + Lance (4) and Space Force (5). Over the next three days we smashed through a whopping 10 activities.

Throughout the next three days there wasn’t one moment that you weren’t all trying your best at an activity and having fun. Tribes got to know the park quick with Orienteering. Bush Challenge, and Scavenger Hunt had teams competing against each other for the best time and most points.

Everyone was having a great time at Laser Skirmish and Inflatables mucking around and having fun. Tribes were challenged at Sky Bridge and Cave navigating the best way through to the end. Tash’s Ladder, Giant Swing and Leap of Faith had people scaling to new heights and pushing their limits.

Two major highlights would have to have been the Monster Course and Board Break. During monster you all braved the cold to complete the course and did so with such a positive attitude and amazing support for your tribe members. Again at the Board Break the support radiated through the room as each and every one of you identified beliefs that were making or breaking you.

Friday came around so quick and before we knew it, it was time to wrap up camp. Before going though, we acknowledged some outstanding tribe members and celebrated by giving them a ride in our army tank!

Monster Results

1st Disco Chickens

2nd Space Force

3rd Mad Dog 14 + Lance

4th Crackers Kenan

5th Argua

Bush Challenge Results

1st Mad Dog 14 + Lance

2nd Crackers Kynen

3rd Space Force

4th Disco Chickens

5th Aruga

Scav Hunt Results

1st Disco Chickens

2nd Mad Dog 14 + Lance

3rd Crackers Kynan

4th Space Force

5th Argua

I think i speak for all the Summit coaches that Belgrave you were an absolute blast to have at camp and we thank you so much for letting us get to know you.

- Liv, Matt, Jackie, Paul, Paula, Jamie, & Kati

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