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Cobden Technical College

All the way from Western Victoria The Summit welcomed Cobden Technical School from Year 8 – 10’s. Over the 3 days we had a aim to have a fun-filled camp while focussing on resilience and finding power within yourself, while continuing to represent the schools values of honesty, accountability, excellence, respect, trustworthiness in a growth focussed 3-day camp.

The 2 Tribes (Cobden Cows & The Rookies) challenged fears with the Cave, Rockwall, Giant Swing and Summit Window and with the help of our strategies of the 5 keys and Target, Stretch, Super-Stretch were able to conquer those fears and believe in ones self.

Leadership and team work was first developed with the Initiatives, Scavenger Hunt & Snowy River Challenge then really put to the test with the epic Muddy-er than ever Monster Course! Both Tribes were able to really dig deep and work together to both improve on their second lap! Awesome effort all round.

The results for the team challenges were:

Snowy River Challenge:

Cobden Cows: 30mins

The Rookies: 11mins 40 sec

Scavenger Hunt Challenge:

Cobden Cows: 630 points

The Rookies: 610 points

Monster Course Improvement Times:

Cobden Cows: 4mins 10sec

The Rookies:4mins 30sec

Both tribes did such an amazing effort and was such an awesome 3 days of camp. Extra special well-done to the 5 key awardees that were Brad, Sam, Lillie, Jake, Danny and who were rewarded with a ride in the tank. Great Effort.

Thanks and all the best,

The summit team.

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