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September 4, 2018






















For the second time this year we were fortunate enough to have Mentone Girls Secondary College visit The Summit. Only this time it was the fabulous Yr10 girls


As some of you had been to The Summit before, our goal for the next three days was to take things to the next level.

Ten tribes were formed with ten very interesting names, these were:

  • Honey Badgers  

  • Chiuwawas

  • Teletubbies  

  • Hakuna Matata 

  • Pingoos  

  • Fire Ants  

  • Hugheys 

  • S’goingon 

  • Brooklyn 99 

  • Trent ten  

Our first day was smooth sailing with only two rotations, however on day two we stepped it up with a whopping six rotations. The day seemed to go so quick as everyone was pushing their limits and having fun at the same time.


Our activities included a great mix of team challenges and heights. Coaches running the ground activities couldn’t stop talking about how much you all worked together and how much fun you were all having. The coaches on the higher activities raved about how you all continued to push yourselves outside your comfort zones. One thing that all the tribes had in common was the support given to each tribe member, coaches loved seeing you all clapping and cheering for each others successes at camp.


Day three and sadly the last day of camp. We did encounter some rain, but nothing was stopping the Mentone Girls from finishing the camp strong. During lunch The Summit got a special delivery and some lucky tribe members were treated to an amazing experience.


Nine girls who were nominated by their fellow tribe members got to ride in our army tank AND crushed a fresh car! From there it was time to say goodbye and get on the buses home.


Thank you again to the awesome year ten girls from Mentone Secondary College. We had so much fun getting to know you all!


- Liv, Timmy, Matt, Dusty, Steph, Jackie, Mia, Paul, Paula, Jamie, Kati, Howie and Paris.


Bush Challenge Times

1st -  Pingues

2nd - Trent Ten

3rd - S’Going On

4th - Brooklyn 99

5th - Hakuna Matata

6th - Fire Ants

7th - Telly Tubbies

8th - Chiuwawas

9th - Hughies

10th - Honey Badgers


Scavenger Hunt Results

Telly Tubbies - 640 points

Honey Badgers - 780 points

Chiuwaws - 560 points

Hakuna Matata - 520 points

Pingues - 530 points

Fire ants - 650 points

Hughies - 740 points

S’going on - 740 points

Brooklyn 99 - 670 points

Trent Ten - 705 points


If your still looking for something more next level, or asking yourself whats next. Check out   


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