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NESAY - North East Support and Action for Youth Inc

Monday the 3rd of September, 16 students and 3 teachers from the Nesay Inc. School collective came to The Summit camp for a wonderful 3 day camp. It was a long drive and the students were restless and eager to get on some activities. Without further ado, the tiles initiative would see so many lily pads go but so many people willing to give something to gain a lily pad back.

The group/tribe would no longer be just a tribe, but the Awesome Strawberries.

Here are the highlights from The Summit coaches.

  • Wyatt was an exceptional leader during photo Scavenger hunt, sometimes finding it hard for people to listen to him.

  • Laser was nearly everyone’s favourite activity, with the “all in” key most definitely being used.

  • Flying Fox had some screaming quiet high pitched, Shae!!! But had everyone feeling rather thrilled.

  • Bush challenge was a real challenge for the group dynamics, but really set the tone for how well everyone could and was going to play later on in the day.

  • High wire was where Jordan found his groove when lying down on the wire and showing his amazing balance.

  • MONSTER WAS EPIC!!! The water was cold and the cheer was loud but nothing could wipes the enthusiasm off everyone face especially the mud monster himself, Bryce. A few were stuck in the mud but loved it so much they went back at the end to have med races and mud wrestling. It was very entertaining.

  • Cave was something different yet peaceful as each person got to experience what it was like to walk in the dark to the unknown.

  • Kye had lots of gas just before but that was thanks to the 6 slices of Lasagne, 3 desserts and 7 pancakes.

  • Tashes ladder saw the teachers really dig deep as they also braved the heights and got comfortable being uncomfortable.

Values winners were rewarded with the ride in the WW2 Summit Army Tank.

Congratulations to Darby, Andrew and Jordan. Thank you everyone who came to the camp and we hope you stay connected and see you again soon.

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