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Kyneton Secondary College

It has been another great camp with the students and teachers from Kyneton S.C from the 5th to the 7th September.

Straight away there was a lot of energy and with that there was a need to get into activities and come up with a tribe name. Welcome to the Big Heads, G.N.P, Mole Rats and Papa Reegans.

Here are the highlights from The Summit coach from your camp:

  • Olivia was a brilliant help on the catching on flying fox, even having a go on the radio communications.

  • Jamie had a massive win on the Giant Swing when she not only super stretched but had the great support of Zoe who went up with her.

  • Anne-Maree and Jodie did a great job for the teachers when they also braved the Giant Swing.

  • Hannah, Montana and Maddie showed great courage when they tackled the Tash's Ladder on the last day of camp. The new tribe Chant was create from their bravery, “Big Heads, Big Hearts”.

Monster was epic along with all the human mud monsters that got wet muddy, and ran as a determined tribe. Your welcome everyone.

Thank you once again to all the students and staff who came to The Summit for camp. We look to seeing you again in the near future. Don’t forget to stay connected with The Summit and Log onto Limitless online Course:

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