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Templeton Primary School

It has been another great camp with the students and teachers from Templeton P.S over a 3 day camp. Having a so many friendly faces excited about camp, it was hard to not be excited.

With no time at all, each of the 7 tribes would come up with their identity and new tribe names. We welcomed Curly Wurly’s, Summit Super Sandwich Survivors, Legends, Tree Tribe, Lazy Lamar’s, Potatoes and 7-up to camp.

Here are the results and highlights from The Summit Coaches and staff.

  • There was countless number of games of Ga Ga Ball and knock out basketball for the entire camp.

  • There were so many brave people who really found the Cave a huge challenge being in the dark and staying quiet. Inflatables was an “Adrenalin rush” and had a total ball playing Foosball.

  • Bush Challenge was a close result with the top three tribe being legends in third with 33.31, second was taken by Lazy Lamar’s and winning was Tree Tribe with a great time of 25.40.

  • War games was epic with some great strategies and plans thought out. The winner after three rounds was the team with Paula who dominated and won with a total of 197 cards.

  • Monster was another close challenge with only 45 seconds separating first and second place. Third place was taken out be Legends, second went to Curly Wurly who got 41. 14 and winners were Lazy Lamar’s who got the course done in 39.30. Congrats guys.

  • Values winners were rewarded for living by The Summit values and being a constant positive energy. Well done to Funjo, Lachie, Lara, Jarred, Amber, Ryan and Tom.C thank you again to all the students and teachers who came to the camp.

We look forward to seeing you back at the Summit in the near future.

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