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Geelong Lutheran College

Geelong Lutheran brought the awesome weather last week when they visited The Summit. With such a gorgeous day we didn’t want to waste it. After The Summit team got to met the amazing Yr 10's from Geelong and with the knowledge of the five keys, we headed out into the park.

Today our focus was Play all in and Have fun, with that in mind we started with a fun game and some initiative activities. These activities got you all working together and getting you used to your tribes that you will working in for the next three days.

With tribes, came our tribe names. These were:

  • Strawberry needles,

  • Charlie’s angels and

  • Mission fail: we’ll get em next time.

Now our tribes were stablished and ready, we jumped straight into our first three activities. There was a lot of racing happening at inflatables, with everyone trying to get the fastest time through the adrenaline rush. Gabe did amazing and got 13 seconds, but our competitive coach Greg couldn’t believe it he decided to race himself, spoiling the victory with a 12.9 time.

Scavenger hunt had all the tribes belting out the frozen hit let it go, that could be heard from around the park and especially at Sky Bridge were the tribes got their first taste at some height activities. Shout outs to Tom, and Darcy for persisting on the bridge till the finish

Day two, and although it lacked the sunshine of yesterday everyone was still ready to have an awesome day. We got our bodies moving with a fun game of jockeys. It turned very competitive, as people were falling over each other to try and race back to their partners. Everyone was excited to start our next lot of activities. At Cave each tribes navigated their way through the dark to reach the end were the rest of their team mates were waiting for them. Snowy River Challenged had the tribes again working together to complete a series of mini obstacles and of course get the fastest time.

Tribes were taking leaps from new heights over at the Leap of Faith. Shout outs to Erik who did a 180 turn and Jeremiah for going blindfolded, great to see you both challenging yourselves. Before we knew it, it was the afternoon and the time for the massive monster course had arrived. Not knowing a lot about the course, we left al lot as a surprise; especially the part were we told you, you would be running the course again! Us coaches were blown away with your efforts and your dedication to each person in your tribes. It was an absolute nail bitter to the finish, but in the end Mission Fail: We will get em' next time came out victorious.

Day three and sadly the last day of camp. Luckily we still had two more activities to do. With everyone's confidence and team work strengthening over the last two days, you all completed your last activities with ease. Lunch time rolled around so quickly, and it was now time to finalise camp. We gave you all your results from the challenges that you have completed, and also took the time to recognise one person in each tribe as someone who was outstanding during camp. These lucky legends got to have a ride in our WWII army tank. Well done to; Max, Tanille and Tom. From there we said our final goodbyes and headed to the bus home.

Thank you Geelong Lutheran for having all the fun with us and bringing your A game to camp.

- Liv, Jackie, Greg and Dusty

Monster Results

1st - Mission Fail

2nd - Strawberry Needles

3rd - Charlies angels

Scavenger Hunt

1st - Strawberry needles

2nd - Mission Fail

3rd - Charlies angels

Snowy River Challenge

1st - Strawberry needles

2nd - Charlies angels

3rd - Mission Fail

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