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Waverley Christian College

Waverley C.C were full of energy when they came to The Summit last week. Bursting with excitement, we got straight into our activities for the day.

First we started off with some problem solving initiatives, each tribe had to work together in order to completed their task. From there we moved into our first four activities.

These were;

Bush Challenge, Scavenger Hunt, Rock Wall and Tash’s Ladder.

Everyone was settling into their new found tribes, working as a team at Bush Challenge and Scavenger Hunt. Meanwhile some students were already getting outside their comfort zones at Rock Wall and Tash’s Ladder.

Special mention to Aaron and Daniel for climbing all the way to the top of the over hang wall. What an achievement. Day two and we had a big day planned for you all. We finished off our first activity rotations and were super excited to start our new ones. Now it was time to take on Leap of Faith, Orienteering, Laser Skirmish and Flying Fox. Everyone loved running around at orienteering trying to locate all the markers. There was also plenty of running around and commando rolling at Laser Skirmish, all tribes had a ball letting loose and having some well deserved fun. Flying Fox and Leap of Faith had tribe members again stepping outside there comfort zones as they tackled some height fears.

In the afternoon we all participated in the biggest tribe challenge The Summit has to offer; THE MONSTER COURSE and what a monster it was. Even after we told you, you were all running a second lap, all you banned together as one and finished off the course with the same energy as you started. Day three and we were so happy to see some sun shine! We finished off our last two activities with ease and before we knew it, it was time to say our goodbyes. We did however have one more surprise in store, four lucky tribe members got to have a ride in our WWII army tank!

Well done to Jessica, Alex, Latania and Hannah.

Thank you again to Waverley C.C for coming to The Summit and having a whole bunch of fun with us!

Liv, Jackie, Greg, Paula and Kati

Monster Results

1st - Summit Heroes

2nd - A.L

3rd - The Alphas

4th - The Champion Whales

Bush Challenge

1st - The Champion Whales

2nd - Summit Heroes

3rd - The Alphas

4th - A.L

Scavenger Hunt

1st - The Alphas

2nd - A.L

3rd - Champion Whales

4th - Summit Heroes

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