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Werribee Secondary College

The Year 11 VCAL group from Werribee Secondary College gave up part of their weekend to be at The Summit. The camp kicked off learning about the Five Keys. Day Ones’ focus was to Have Fun and Play All In.

The first set of activities were Laser Skirmish and High Wire. Laser was all about the fun and High Wire was the start of the higher activities!

Day Two started with the introduction of Morning Intentions and choosing what kind of person or tribe mate you wanted to be that day. We had two new activities to start of: the cruisy Flying Fox and the more challenging Sky Bridge. The Sky Bridge saw many push themselves and realise that not everything is easy but with a bit of momentum and determination, goals can be achieved. Another rotation of two new activities rounded out the morning before lunch; Rock Wall and Snowy River Challenge. After lunch the second round of Snowy and Rock Wall were complete. Shout out to Matt who made it to the top of the Overhang wall! The team work used in the Snowy River was a great interlude into the Monster Course!

The Monster Course was all about team work and working together. There were tyres being put on poles, balls being thrown into nets, more tyres being moved around, climbing over things, crossing the lake, and everyone’s favourite, mud! The two classes raced against each other, but when it came time to do the second lap, everyone had the same thought – to do it together! Such an incredible display of friendship and comradeship! Everyone came together to complete one more huge lap!!

Day Three again started with the introduction of another concept; Gratitude. There was a discussion around who and what people were grateful for in their lives. There were two more activities to conquer. The last two are probably some of the most challenging and the biggest mental fight for some. The Summit Window really pushed limits as people tried with stand tall and let go, being supported by the rope. The pay off in terms of the view made it worth it for lots of people. The Cave is always a test, as you try to make it through the pitch black, fighting your own thoughts to reach the end.

Each class voted for one person who they thought lived by the Five Keys and after a photo in front of the Tank, our values winners got to ride in the Tank!

A huge thanks to the Year 11’s for an awesome camp!!

- Jackie & Mia


Snowy River Challenge

11V: 26:02

11W: 31:22

Monster Course

11V: 34:40

11W: 31:03

Values Winner

11V: Liam


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