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Thomas Mitchell Primary

Wednesday brought the sunshine and the Grade 6’s from Thomas Mitchell Primary School. We started by learning about the Five Keys, with focus on the first two for the first day of camp. The Five Keys are Have Fun, Play All In, Make Lots of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable and, Don’t Go Home Wondering What If.

Our first challenge was an Initiative, warming everyone up for camp! We had groups trying Half Pipe, Tiles, Go Go Stop, and Key Punch. After the Initiatives, the tribes became known as:

Tribe 1: Elite Bug Spray

Tribe 2: Da Sick Dogs

Tribe 3: The Hungry Mafia

Tribe 4: No Rest

Tribe 5: E Bee’s

Tribe 6: Phaticus

It was time to try out first activities, finishing the day with two rotations. The Tribes had Trust Challenges, Giant Swing, Scavenger Hunt, Abseil, Tribe Identity and, Tash’s Ladder.

Thursday morning started with the introduction of Morning Intentions and about choosing who we wanted to be and what we wanted to say for the day. We played a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Chant before tackling the remaining four rotations! After lunch, we started the first of the next four rotations of new activities. We had Inflatables, Leap of Faith, Cave, Snowy River Challenge, Snake & Nails, and, Rock Wall.

After five rotations we had to tackle the Monster Course! We had Tribes running around the park, throwing balls, moving tyres, crossing the lake and playing in some mud!

Friday, the Grade 6’s were introduced to Gratitude and being thankful. Today’s challenge was to say thank you to someone who helped us on camp. After playing a game of Huckle Buckle, it was time to take on the last three rotations on camp. Before we knew it, camp was finished!

Back at the Lodge, we had some lunch, went through some results and headed out to the Army Tank to watch the Values Winners get a lap in the tank, take a photo and get on the buses headed for home! Phew!

So much craziness, happiness, laughter, energy, and amazing moments occurred in three days!

It was a pleasure having the Grade Six students from Thomas Mitchell Primary School at The Summit Camp!

- Jackie, Mia, Anya, Howie, Bec, Dusty, Matt, Paul, Paula


Scacenger Hunt

Tribe 1: 540

Tribe 2: 480

Tribe 3: 610

Tribe 4: 520

Tribe 5: 710

Tribe 6: 510

Snowy River Challenge

Tribe 1: 33:32

Tribe 2: 52:13

Tribe 3: 37:16

Tribe 6: 32:31

Monster Course

Tribe 1: 40:48

Tribe 2: 44:21

Tribe 3: 33:11

Tribe 4: 33:20

Tribe 5: 28:28

Tribe 6: 32:52

Values Winners

Tribe 1: Kastahn

Tribe 2: Mohamed

Tribe 3: Dragan

Tribe 4: Taelin

Tribe 5: Laya

Tribe 6: Tristan

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