Cranbourne South Primary

It has been a great finish to October as the students and teachers from Cranbourne South Primary visited for their first camp at The Summit.

After settling into the tent village and enjoying a sunny lunch it was time to get into the camp life.

Two initiative activities were held each tribe could form their identity for camp. Super Troopers, Survivors, Wonder Warriors, Famous 16 and…., Raging Warriors and the Panthers were the new tribe names.

Hannah was super brave to leap off the Leap of Faith, as it was her first activity for camp. The support your tribe gave you was just as impressive.

The Monster Course was a great high light for not only the students but teachers as well with mud flying everywhere. The winners were the Wonder Warriors with a massive improvement of 9 minutes from their first lap.

Photo Scavenger hunt was won by Famous 16 who found more points than any other groups.

Fraser completed every activity for the camp even though he was scared. There were a few song and dances from teachers at the stage area.

The values winners were nominated by their peers for living by the Summit 5 keys . They also were rewarded with a hot lap in the army tank. Congratulations to Alex, Fraser, Mackenzie Oscar, Tyson/Aaron and Chelsea for being nominated. Thank you again to all that came to The summit.

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