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Skills Plus

We had the pleasure of Skills plus coming to The Summit for a three day camp last week. A lot of you were very weary of what the next three days would bring. We started with three initiative activities to warm us up and to get us starting to think like team. After we decided on our tribe name for the camp which Mia and i loved. We were now known as Facta non Verba, this translated to deeds not words.

Rockwall was a hit, with everyone having a go and some people already achieving goals they didn’t think were possible. Our last activity for the day was snake and Nails. After we conquered the nail board we had an awesome time chilling with some of our reptilian friends.

We eased into day two, with a quick rotation of Scavenger Hunt. We then moved to the Cave, it was so awesome to watch as everyone gave it a go and braved the dark Cave. Snowy River Challenge was defiantly a challenge as the whole group had to work together as three members were blindfolded at each obstacle. The Snowy wall was by far our best obstacle, with everyone helping each other over the wall and giving their support to the tribe members who were nervous. We braked for lunch, to fuel up for two more big challenges


The first was the Sky Bridge, well done to everyone that gave it a go and persisted even when they fell down. Then came the Monster Course! All of you blown Mia and myself away with how hard you worked throughout the course.

There was team work and encourage everywhere we looked and it just proved how far you had come as a group. Our last day was cruisey, we all hung out together at the Big Tower as some of you braved not only the Summit Window, but Abseiling as well. It was a great test of our comfort zones and another great measure to see how far everyone had come.

After lunch it was almost time to leave, before you all left we had one more surprise for you. We acknowledged some of the legends amongst us for crushing camp and now we were going to crush a car in our WWII army tank!

Thank you again to Skills plus for hanging out with Mia and myself. All the best and we hope to see you in the future!

- Liv and Mia

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