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Spensley St Primary

Spensley Street Primary came and spent five epic days with the coaches of The Summit. There was so much energy when you all got off the bus and we couldn’t wait to see what that energy would produce out in the park.

After getting to know everyone and meeting the awesome coaches we started with two rotations of initiatives. These activities got the tribes thinking and problem solving to complete the task at hand. It was all also here that we discovered our amazing tribe names for the week. We had the Spider Pigs, Sporty sloths, TGFU (to good for you) and Kizz rangers.

We finished the first afternoon off with one activity. Tuesday was a big day! our first lot of activities included Sky Bridge, High Wire, Laser and Snowy River Challenge. Shout outs to Rocket and Max for showing get leadership and helping their tribe through each obstacle. Also to Rory and Holly for showing us their amazing persistence on the Sky Bridge, despite having a few falls.

In the afternoon we started our new lot of activities. We had Inflatables, Scavenger Hunt, Flying Fox and Abseil. Everyone loved trying to race through the adrenaline rush at inflatables shout outs to messeni, Pascal, and for being the fastest amongst all the tribes.

We started our hump day, with an intense game of rock, paper, scissor chant. Having played this game before you all were keen to become that supreme human being. After our game it was go go go as we had another five activities to complete before the day was up. Finishing off our second lot of rotations and then moving into another four new activities, these were: Summit Window, Leap of Faith, Orienteering and Bush Challenge. Over half way through camp and everyone is doing really well in their activities, one by one tackling some of those fears.

Thursday was quiet a cruisey day in terms of activities, the big highlight for most was the afternoon. We played three intense rounds of strategy games, where each team had to come up with the best way to win everyone else's cards. After we got ourselves prepared for the monster course.

Everyone was super excited to see what the monster course would entail. It was a very close race between all the, however we told you we weren’t interested in the faster tribe but the tribe that could now band together and improve on their time set by the first lap. To the coaches surprise you were all very keen to run the course again and in the end all improved your times!

By the time Friday rolled around everyone was finishing off their last two activities for camp with ease. Before we said our goodbyes, we had one more surprise left for some special people. Zeke, Winnie, Kitty, Florence and Emily were voted by their tribe members as being the super stars of camp. There were lucky enough to have a hot lap ion our army tank!

Thank you again to Spensley Street for coming on an epic five day journey with us! Hope to see you again in the future.

- Liv, Kyle, Steph and Paul

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