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Fountain Gate Secondary

We had the pleasure of having Fountain Gate Secondary College come to The Summit for an overnight camp. With only two days to Play all in and Have Fun, we got straight into activities.

We started with Tiles, a small initiatives to see how the group handled problem solving. It wasn’t the best start, but it was quickly made up by the tribes efforts at Bush Challenge.

Here we saw the team pull together to complete each obstacle with a time of

26.34 minutes. We then ventured into the Cave. This had some members a bit nervous to enter, but with a little persistence and the support of the tribe most of you gave it a go.

After lunch we then started to dabble in some height activities. These were High Wire and Sky Bridge. Everyone that went on High Wire absolutely smashed it, while the rest of the team bossed the belying. At the Sky Bridge, some of you tested how fast you could run across the bridge and some made a pretty decent time. Shout out to Tristan who fell on the Bridge, but never gave up and persisted all the way till the end.

The vibes were so good after our activities that we decided that, that would be the perfect tribe name, so you were all the Vibes tribe and boy did it suit you all very well. After our activities it was time for the big monster course. A lot of you had no idea what the course entailed which made the run so much more exciting and fun. It also provided an extra challenge when i told you that you would be running the course again. Although some had their doubts, you all banned together and got every tribe mate through each and every obstacle without complaint and improved your time by over ten minutes!!!.

Our last day started with an epic game of Laser Skirmish. It was a great way to start the day and had everyone running around just being silly. Next we moved onto Giant Swing and Leap of Faith. These higher activities weren’t everyone's cup of tea, but again those willing to try, gave it their best shot.

After lunch it was time to say goodbye, but not without celebrating some of the awesome legends amongst us. These lucky legends got to have a hot lap in our WWII army tank and drive over a car!

Thanks again to fountain Gate Secondary College for coming and having all the fun with me.

- Liv

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