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The students and teachers from McClelland College arrived at The Summit on Monday 12th Nov to a beautiful summer day as well as excited Summit Staff. With no time to waste it was straight into initiatives and activities.

Tribe were no longer by number but by name, so the Hell Hounds, Southside Seagulls, Misfits, All Stars, Magitions, Maetxis, Pineapples and Ninjas were created.

Here are some of the highlights from The Summit coaches from your camp.

Davis was so brave to get up to the Leap of Faith, finding his brave side to take the Leap.

Bush challenge was won by Southside Seagulls in 20.58 followed by Pineapple in 23.34 and in third was All Stars in 25.11.

Monster was great and fun for most but some had to find some inner strength to complete the course. Well done to everyone who ran the course. The winners were Maetxis with an impressive time of 40.13, followed by Southside Seagulls in 43.00 and in third place was Hell Hounds in 45.15.

Values winners from each tribe were rewarded with a ride in the Summit army tank. Congratulations to Lachy, Charlotte, Grace, Owen, Kyren, Jackson, Riley, Logan and Copper who were all deserved winners.

Thank you to all the students and teachers who came to the Summit. We look forward to seeing you back soon. Remember to stay connected with the summit.

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