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Williamstown High School

Williamstown High arrived at The Summit, bringing new students and some returning campers. The Year 7-9 Leadership camp started with some previous students recognising and remembering coaches from their last camp! Everyone was excited to hit the park, and after hearing about the Five Keys and the days’ focus of Have Fun and Play All In, it was time!

Everyone started camp warming up with an Initiative Activity. Tribe Names were chosen and the new identities were:

1) Moving Mosquito’s

2) Noice

3) Despacito 5

4) The Incredibles

5) Honey Badgers

The afternoon had the first two rotations of activities. Abseil, Scavenger Hunt, Sky Bridge, Inflatables/Trust, and, Snowy River Challenge.

Day two had the morning start with setting a Morning Intention and choosing who you want to be for the day. The nest two keys were also a focus; Make Lots Of Mistakes and Get Comfortable. The three rotations before lunch had a slight change of program due to the entire park having no electricity. SO instead of inflatables, tribes took part in trust exercises, working on group dynamics and communication.

After lunch, we had two rotations of new activities. They were Summit Window, Laser Skirmish, Rock Wall, High Wire, and Flying Fox.

After completing five activities, it was time for the Monster Course. The epic course saw mud flying, tyres being used, students climbing, crawling, throwing Frisbees. There were many smiles, and laughs, incredible team work, and heaps of fun!

Day three the power was restored! Gratitude was the topic for the mornings’ discussion. Don’t Go Home Wondering What If was the fifth and final Key. The Students had three rotations to complete the camp off! There were many distractions with the Summit Survivor setup in full swing. Everyone did so well at staying focused and achieving their goals! Before we knew it, it was lunch time and then time to say goodbye!

It was a pleasure to have the students and staff from Williamstown back!

- Jackie, Maddie, Luke, Paula, Dusty, Timmy


Scavenger Hunt:

1) 1384

2) 590

3) 690

4) 815

5) 981

Snowy River Challenge:

1) 20:55

2) 25:01

3) 15:17

4) 12:12

5) 25:05

Monster Course:

1) 35:21

2) 39:54

3) 37:56

4) 34:58

5) 35:20

Values Winner:

1) Cormack

2) Maddie

3) Tom

4) Kim

5) Matt

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