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On Wednesday the 21st November, the year 8 students and their teachers came to The Summit for an action packed two day camp. For some teachers it was their first camp at the summit for other a few or in the case of Nella her 10th visit. So with no time to waste it was time to get into the camp. Each tribe began with an initiative, tiles, half pipe and J bomb. Initiative was also the start for each tribe discovering their identities. Tribe A, B, C were now Pan Potters, Souring Sisters and Fearless Warriors.

Bianca was great on the Rockwall, pushing past the comfort zone to go further on the Rock Wall with the help and support of her tribe. Kira got the furthest up the overhang wall. Orienteering had the students exploring the camp to find markers and complete word puzzles. Giant Swing really used the team work to allow everyone the height they wanted to get to and enjoy the rush of a small drop.

Tash's Ladder was a stretch for some as the height and small ladder made for a really great challenge. Flying Fox had everyone souring through the air and across the lake to land of the landing platform with lots of enjoyment and smiles. Abseiling was the highest activity and had to some students really digging deep to overcome fears and make their way down the wall. Mia was so brave to go over the edge of the abseil wall, even if Tim did “yell at her”.

Monster course was epic with everyone embracing the wet and muddy conditions. With some embracing the chance to improve their time or just go out and have a fun lap there was one winner, Fearless Warriors with Pan Potters and Souring sister just having fun for their second lap.

After all the fun, there was just one last thing to do and that was to vote for a values winner from each tribe. This person was voted as the person who lived by the five keys.

Congratulations to Mia, Kira and Mia for a great camp and being given a ride in the army tank.

We look forward to seeing Sacred Heart College back at the summit in the New Year.

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