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Arthurs Creek Primary

It has been a pleasure to work with the students, parents and teachers from Arthurs Creek Primary from Monday 3rd December to Wednesday 5th December. It was the first time Arthurs Creek has visited the Summit camp and everyone was excited.

After a first initiative, it was straight into finding a tribe name. The Summit welcomed the Survivor squad, Hurricanes, Lamas and Jumanji. Photo scavenger hunt saw each tribe race around the summit finding and gaining points for doing task or finding objects. Survivor Squad were the winners for this. Flying fox had students and teachers souring through the sky. Everyone had a ball and really enjoyed it. Inflatables were about the race in the adrenalin rush and playing foosball. There were some great races and a lot of fun and laughs.

Highwire was a real test of playing all in and getting comfortable being uncomfortable. There were some brilliant efforts to get up on the wire and high five a buddy while being 8 meters off the ground.

Bush challenge was the first tribe vs. tribe activity. Hurricanes whirled this one up with a great time of 33.04. Giant swing was a real rush for everyone. No matter the height, it was screams of thrills or terror or laugher at others screams. Cave was cool, literally as those brave people went underground to challenge themselves in the dark. Summit Window was the highest activity for camp as campers ventured to the top of the big tower to take in the view and look over the camp. So many amazing moments from everyone who went up the tower.

Monster was muddy, fun, crazy cool and lots of laughs and cheering. The Hurricanes were super-fast as they completed their lap in 25.16, just ahead of the Lamas who were very close in 25.41. At the end of camp each tribe voted for a student who lived by the five keys of camp. Have fun, Play all In, Make lots of mistakes, get comfortable being uncomfortable and not leave camp wondering what if. These students would be rewarded with a ride in The Summit army tank.

Well done to Grace, Zoe, Hayley and Josh. Thank you again to all the students and teachers/ Parents from Arthurs Creek Primary for a brilliant camp. We at The Summit look forward to seeing you back at the Summit in the coming year.

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