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Koonung Secondary College

Koonung Secondary College were finishing off their 2018 schooling year with an epic three day camp at The Summit and us, coaches, were so happy to have them.

Over the next three days we would all be taking on ten activities, these activities included: Leap of Faith, Rock Wall, Summit Window, Giant Swing, High Wire, Flying Fox, Cave, Snowy River Challenge, Laser and Bush Challenge.

Day one was a cruisey day and our only focus was to Have Fun and Play All In, which we all had no trouble doing.

Later that night however, our activity was far from cruisey. We had an epic monster course for you all to take on and boy, did you deliver! Despite only establishing your tribe earlier that day, you all really came together to complete every obstacle and encourage your fellow tribe mates as well. Every tribe celebrated as they crossed the finish line after an intense course, but the night wasn’t over there. There was an even mix of emotions when we told you all would be running the monster course again. However it wasn’t tribe versus tribe any more, many tribes wanted to merge together and run as one massive group. The coaches were so impressed with the amount of support and encouragement you all had for everyone involved.

Thursday it rained all day, but that didn’t stop us from crushing six activities. Again us coaches were super impressed in how you were all taking on the challenges at each activity. With only two activities left on the last day of camp, motivation was still high despite all the hard work you have put in the last couple of days.

Completing our last two activities was a breeze, and before lunch we voted for someone in each tribe that had given there all to camp. These lucky legends got to have a ride in our WWII army tank as a reward for their efforts.

Thank you again to Koonung Secondary College for finishing off your school year with us, we had an epic time with you all.

- Liv, Timmy, Paul, Paula, Jamie, Kati, Mia, Jackie, Kyle, Howie and Trinette

Bush Challenge

1st - Orphans

2nd - Heat Stroke

3rd - Gators

4th - Cadbury

5th - Chibaa

6th - Burnt

7th - Koonung Quality

8th - Irrelevant

9th - Try Hards

Snowy River Challenge

1st - Heat Stroke

2nd - Chiba

3rd - Gators

4th - Orphans

5th - Cadbury

6th - Koonung Quality

7th - Coconut Polar Bears

8th - Irrelevant

9th - Burnt

10th - Try Hards

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