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Rosebud Secondary

On Wednesday the 5th December the students and teachers from Rosebud Secondary College arrived at The Summit for their leadership camp. It was the first time Rosebud had been to The Summit and they were all up to for the challenges and learning throughout the following 2 days.

After a quick game of Crane, Tiger and Egg to get everyone into the mood at camp and have fun it was onto an initiative. Treasure went well for tribe Paul as they retrieved the treasure chest successfully likewise tribe Squidgy Bits did a great job to move their tribe across the Leaping Lily pads.

Highwire and Laser were the first of the activities to be tried. Many laughs and trash talk was done at the Laser Skirmish as each team took out a win in the Bush Laser field. Highwire was a brilliant challenge as each person could choose their own target stretch and super stretch on what they thought was going to challenge them. There was a large number who chose to be blindfolded. Great effort from everyone who just tried and played all in.

Scavenger Hunt was the first of the tribe vs. tribe challenges as each tribe had to find or perform different challenges around The Summit park to gain points. There were bonus points on offer which turned out to be the difference in the end with Cyan winning with 680 points over Orange with 600 points. Tashes Ladder had everyone going higher again and really get comfortable being uncomfortable. Alice was amazing to really push herself and find the courage she needed herself to get up the ladder. It was so great to see and hear all the encouragement from the ground to everyone climbing.

Giant Swing had tribe members helping each other to achieve their goals of what height they wanted to swing from. With the height and need to pull the release cord, there were some great screams and laughs as each swing had a different reaction.

Snowy River challenge was the second of the tribe vs. tribe challenges. With a change in tribe dynamics what would be the result of this time around? Cyan would win this challenge with a time of 33.47 ahead of Orange who were miles in front at the swing but could not figure it out and ran out of time to complete the bonus Wombat Hole challenge taking their time to 51.27.

Monster was the hardest challenge because of the heat. Everyone had a great attitude to get in and get dirty and wash off at the end. The times were close all the way until the Frisbee Challenge where Squidgy Bits took off and never looked back completing the course in 30.18 ahead of Tribe Paul in 33.04

The last day was Leap of Faith and Cave day. The challenges here were more about mentally clearing your thoughts and trusting the process. Kayla was exceptional with her progression of challenging her fear of heights throughout camp to just get up the leap and jump off. It was so good to see the improved self-belief/confidence.

Thank you once again to all the leaders that came to the Summit. We look forward to seeing you again next year.

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