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Flinders Christian College

From Mia - Flinders year10 arrived to Camp for the start of their school year and what an awesome adventure it was. With five groups quickly redefining themselves into: The Starks, Cardi B, Gold Diggers, Epic Ducks and Yeet Nation, we got right into the swing of things. Holding our slithering friends , abseiling from an incredible view and flying across the lake with a hamburger ring mascot, it was hard not to have fun from the start of day one. The grade achieved some remarkable goals and supported each other to face fears of all varieties. Callum showed us his courage and got comfortable being uncomfortable at the top of the abseil wall. Backing himself, he did the descent in style after only thinking he would check out the view! Future Spiderman aka Diante, got his name written into Summit history books, climbing the 16m overhang wall in, 39seconds...A new camper record!

Day two had all teams working hard together to accomplish some competitive results in the snowy River challenge and Scavenger Hunt with participating groups scores as follows; SNOWY SCAV HUNT YEET NATION12.32minsCARDI B580ptsEPIC DUCKS16.19minsEPIC DUCKS510ptsSTARKS23.18minYEET NATION480pts The Monster Course later proved to be an impressive show of Character, Strength and Determination as the five fearless tribes ran, crawled, dodged and squeezed their way through the afternoon. With all teams sweating, like they’d never sweat before, it was clear all year 10s had done their best, given it their all! Your epic efforts are in evidence below J STARKSLAP 1LAP 2DIFFERNCE45.0938.037.06YEET NATION38.0632.255.42CARDI B37.0231.425.20EPIC DUCKS37.0033.004.00GOLD DIGGERS34.3632.112.20 The vibes were high and smiles grew bigger as the days went on until it came to the end of our incredible adventure together.

Just when we thought it was all over and with burgers in our belly, we recognized some outstanding peers within our groups; Cassie, Liam, Emily, Josh and Agit that were rewarded with a ride in a WW2 army tank, whilst we all watched in ore of it flattening a car into a pancake! What a wicked way to kick start the year for both Flinders students, Teachers and Summit Staff alike. Thanks for all the energy, laughs and experiences shared…Keep Having All the Fun!- Mia, Kati, Cam, Steph, Lauren

From Liv - First camp of 2019 and what a way to start the new year! We had Flinders Christian College bring not one BUT three year levels to hang out with us, coaches!

The year 12s had already been to the The Summit before but we were determined to give them a new experience they would never forget!

Day one set the tone for the whole camp, CRAZY BUSY and EPIC! Smashing through five activities to kick off camp! That night we had a unique activity planned for the year 12s. Matt and Maddi, two of our amazing staff here at the Summit, spoke to the year 12s about belief and mindset. During that sessions limiting beliefs were literally smashed through as we broke through a timber board!

We carried an amazing energy into day two starting with a fun game of Jockeys to get everyone fired up for the day ahead. Three activities done and dusted before lunch left us with a massive afternoon of house vs house and tribe vs tribe!

First we started with house games! Round robin of tic tac toe and then an epic tug of war with the losing team ending up in a mud pit. Safe to say that the year 12s played hard and played to win! After the winner was decided we went straight into our epic monster course. No surprise that you all took on the challenge and were amazing team players, even when you ran the course for a second time! A swim in the lake was the perfect way to finish another great day at camp. Final day and we still had two activities to do and we weren’t slowing down! After lunch we all gathered altogether 10s, 11s and 12s to wrap up our camp experience! We also acknowledged a few legends amongst the group that were rewarded for their efforts over the last three days! These legends also got to ride in our WWII army tank!

Thank you again for making our first camp so epic!

Monster improvement times

1st - Free Willies -6.15min

2nd - Lift -5.41min

3rd - Go hard -5.19min

4th - Rubies -5.08min

5th - Chungas -4.12min

Flinders C.C year 11 Blog

From Tim - The Summit was alive with the arrival of the first school camp for 2019. The students and teachers from Flinders C.C year 11 joined by year 10 and 12 would embark of a great start to their school year and V.C.E.

Straight away it was time to tackle some activities and form a tribe identity with name and chant to go with each tribe. Downies, Millennial, Josh’s, De Qavis and Large and In Charge were the new tribe names and identities.

Bush challenge was the first of the tribe vs. tribe challenges with 21.06 for De Qavis being the fastest around the Bush Challenge course. Cave when down under ground as some went souring on the Giant swing.

Snake and Nails was a mental challenge with some mind over matter being used. Sky Bridge was about the journey to what you want and how you get there. Not always easy but worth it when you get there.

Three rotations were to be completed on day two before the House colour challenges would commence in the afternoon. Tic Tac Toe was won by greens who would go into the tug of war and also win the battle of the best. Well done green house.

Monster course was a great challenge with everyone participating to the best. There could only be one winner and with an impressive improvement of 13.20 the Millennials were the victors.

Photo scavenger hunt was won by Downies who found and scavenged the most points of 535 points. At eh end of camp each tribe voted for a values winner. This person was voted for living out the 5 key values whilst at the Summit. Congratulations to Will, Keeley, Isaac, Jack and Keegan. You were all amazing tribe members for your tribes. Thank you year 11s and teachers from Flinders C.C for a great camp. We look forward to seeing you back at the Summit in the near future.

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