Mordialloc College

It was so nice to have the teachers and students from Mordialloc College back at the summit for another camp.

The year seven were eager to get into camp as some had been to the Summit in previous years. With no time to waste, it was time for each tribe to begin camp with an initiative to get tribes to start bonding and working together.

The tribe names were formed and were now known as Ape Dogs, Half Pipes, Bull Ants, The Better Group, Barbie Girls, Team Boris, Wakanda, All Gucci, Floppy Fish, Window Wipers, Melon Munchies and Ya Yette.

With eight rotations and twelve tribes there were plenty of group challenges and times.

Here are the results for tribe challenges.

Photo Scavenger Hunt 3rd- wakanda, 2nd- Half Pipes and winners were Bull Ants.

Bush Challenge 3rd- Team Boris 31.09, 2nd- All Gucci 28.31 and winning was Melon Munchers 25.24.

Monster Course 3rd- 10.42 improvement went to Barbie Girls, 2nd- 11.16 improvement went to Ya Yette and winners had an improvement of 12 minutes went to Floppy Fish.

When it was all said and done there were some outstanding individual efforts which were recognised by each tribe for a tribe winner. These great members were rewarded with the ride of a life time in the Summit “Awesome” tank. Congratulations to Emre, Flynn, Ruby, Kyeden , Charlotte, Jaylen, Nelly, Alex, Jayah, Meika, Dylan and Kirill!

Thank you to everyone from Mordialloc College for a great camp. Remember to stay connected to the Summit.

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