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Mt. Eliza Secondary College

There was plenty of excitement from the Summit coaches as the students and teachers from Mt. Eliza Secondary College arrived on Monday the 4th February.

With each tribe deciding a name for their tribe identity, it was game on, with all the group challenges. Crocodilians, Blah Blahs, The Doughnut People, Savage Potatoes, Operations Zero, Home Brand/Ugly Ducklings and The Speedy Alpacas were formed.

The highlight from the camp…

Photo Scavenger hunt was head to head and drew by Blah Blah’s and Home Brand at 640 points. Coming behind them in second place was Operation Zero at 590 points.

Snowy River Challenge we saw some impressive times with the winners taking Gold at 29.04- Speedy Alpacas. Silver goes to the Blah Blah’s with 31.17 and Bronze with 31.18 goes to Home Brand.

Monster course was misjudged by Timmy and officials re-looked at the re-play….

In third place: Operation Zero

Second Place: Blah Blah’s

And, drum roll, please……… First goes to……. Crocodilians!!! Who was most improved by 10 minutes.

Each Tribe Elected a successor for their team who used the 5 Summit values of camp.

Congratulations to Eric, Remmi, Catie, Sophie, Abby, Lily and River who all deserve there hot lap in The Summit Army Tank.

Thank you to all students and teachers that made Camp memorable. We truly hope you had an amazing experience and can’t wait to see you all back soon!

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