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Lauriston Girls' School

On Monday the 11th of February the year seven girls and their teacher arrived at the Summit camp for another epic five day school camp. The girls were excited to get straight into the camp life and begin their journey to Unleashing Greatness. After an introduction and some guidelines it was time to create tribe identities. Welcome to the Warviors, Green Pigs, Pink Potatoes, Cabbages, Blood Red Royals, White Tigers and Yellow Bush Bananas.

Here are some of the highlights from this most epic camp. Each tribe searched the camp for Photo Scavenger hunt items to gain points. It was so close between tribes. The winners would be Warvivors with 670 followed by Green Pigs with 660 and in third was Blood Red Royals with 650.

Bush challenge was a great tribe challenge moving up mud walls, through foam pits, across wire and testing out memory in matching pairs. Pink potatoes were the quickest tribe around the course in 32. 47 followed by Cabbages in 36.12 and rounding the podium off were Yellow Bananas in 41.39. Throughout camp there were some epic challenges. Strategy Games was all about a plan and the plan came off for Cabbages who collected 159 points across the three games followed by Blood Red Royals with 129 and third being taken out by Warvivors with 119. Egg Toss won by the teachers and Green pigs but protection of the egg was a three way tie with Cabbages, White Tigers and Yellow Bananas. Tic Tac Toe was won by the Blood Red Royals who won not only the Tic Tac Toe, but also the Tug of War and the Teachers/Students vs. Summit Staff Tug of War.

Monster was amazing with all tribes going hard on course. Yellow Bush Bananas blitz the curse in 34.52, followed by Green Pigs in 38.48 and third going to Warvivors in 41.23. It was so amazing to see and hear all the encouraging words and support shown.

Throughout the camp there were so many G.M.I.C given to so many super star students. Keep giving compliments to those you feel are doing exceptional work beyond their normal self and tell them what they mean to you.

Camp finished with each tribe voting for a values winner, someone who lived by the Summit Five Keys. These lovely ladies would be rewarded with a hot lap in the Summit army tank. Congratulations to Miller, Charlotte. B, Sophie. S, Holly. A, Sami, Pipper, Julia and Zoe. K. Great work on a great camp. Thank you once again to all the ladies who came to the Summit from Lauriston Girls School. We look forward to seeing to again at the Summit. Remember to stay Connected to the Summit.

From Tim

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