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Mount View Primary School

The Summit team had an absolute ball with Mt View Primary School last week. We were lucky enough to hang out with the grade six for a whole five days and boy were we excited. Every day was full of laughter, jokes, games, activities and a whole bunch of fun. Here is a run down of the epic five days we spent with Mt View.

Day One

The energy on the buses as you all arrived was buzzing and everyone was excited to see what camp would be like for the next five days. After we settled into our accommodation we all got together in the lodge so you could meet our awesome coaches team and we could introduce you to the Five keys that would be helping you have the best experience at camp. The first key was to simply Have Fun and that's exactly what we did. We went out into the park and started our initiatives as well as creating our epic tribe names. Our tribes were now called Survivors, Blue Panthers, Mashed Banana Chicken People, Flying Ice Cream Penguins, Fiery Falcons, Were Wolves, Seven 11 Foxes, Fierce Fifteen, Cloud 9, Potacos and Adventure Seekers.

Day Two and Three

Day two and three were very similar days that started off with an awesome game of 50 up Pirates. You defiantly impressed us, coaches, with getting over 100 touches on your third go. Another two initiatives to start the day and then, after morning tea, we moved into our rotations of activities and boy were we pumped to get out there and start challenging ourselves. The activities we would be conquering this week were Snake and Nails, Giant Swing, Laser Skirmish, Leap of Faith, Snowy River Challenge, Scavenger Hunt, Rock Wall, Cave, Summit Window, Orienteering and High-wire. At Snake and Nails we were getting comfortable being uncomfortable with the thought of holding a snake and walking over nails. At Leap of Faith, Summit Window, Rock-wall, High-wire and Giant Swing we were scaling to new heights, however at the Cave we were getting down and low, navigating our way through the dark under ground. Team work was super important at Snowy River, Orienteering and Scavenger Hunt as teams had to get everyone through the obstacles and navigate there way around camp to find the most points. Laser Skirmish was a great activity where tribes just had to focus on fun.

Day Four

Day four was our big Monster day!!! After smashing through three activities the afternoon was all about the Monster Course. Eleven tribes set out from The Stage to part take in a massive obstacle course that would test their team work and resilience. Everyone was having an awesome time making their way through all the obstacles and as all the tribes made it back to the stage they ran through an epic tunnel made up of the tribes before them. Once every team was back on the stage, all of a sudden there was a roar of energy as you all chanted “WE WANT MUD”. US, coaches, were very happy to oblige to your request, so we took you to our famous mud pits. Once you were covered in mud, there was no better way to wash it off then the Waterslide.

Day Five

Before we knew it, it was Friday and sadly, the last day of camp. With only two activities left, we were determined to make the most of them. At our last debrief the tribes voted for someone in their tribe that had displayed the five keys over the week at camp. These lucky people got to have a ride in our WWII army tank and go over a car! Congratulations to Daniel, Meagan, Saman, Patrick, McKenzie, Trevor, Sam, Melody, Jake, Sam and Alex. Well done to these legends. We all got to see the tank in action, before saying our last goodbyes to the coaches.

Thank you Mt View for an amazing and epic five days. Us coaches loved playing, singing and dancing with you all.

- Liv, Mia, Jackie, Greg, Kyle, Stitch, Paul, Paula, Jaime, Kati, Cam, Ash, Marcus, Diamond Howie

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