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Kurunjang Secondary Collage -camp 3

As the bus rolled into The Summit, 21 eager faces were peering out the windows looking into The Summit camp. We took them through the “airport rules” on the journey up to the accommodation at tent village. The kids were anxious to get going, after meeting myself and Tim (summit coaches) the program was off, and the two tribes were formed; Big Lily Nuggets and Team Arrow.

Together in their tribes they completed an initiative and two rotations of activities; Flying Fox and Tribe Identity. Both teams completing the activites with the given intention to ‘have fun’ and ‘play all in’, as part of The Summits 5 keys, had a great time at camp. Day one ended with dinner at six and GMICs to write about the day and highlight some key people, such as; Kiera, Kaynen, Montana and Anna for bringing the energy to the tribes and having all the fun.

Day 2 started with a intentions session, where the kids were asked to choose a focus for the day and have an idea on who they wanted to be that day. It was a big day jam-packed with activities such as Tashes Ladder, Sky Bridge, Scavenger Hunt and Inflatable City.

Keys 3 & 4 focused on ‘get comfortable being uncomfortable’ and ‘make lots of mistakes’, peoples’ highlights from some of the activities were: Blake for smashing the record on Inflatables with 16.30 seconds, Anna for overcoming her fear of heights by doing the Sky Bridge and Kade for facing his fear of heights head on and giving it his best on Tashes Ladder. We finished the day with a giant lap of the epic Monster Course, making the decision of combing the two tribes, all 21 kids were linked together to overcome every obstacle they were faced with and finished the course one hour later all muddy, with the biggest smiles.

Day 3 the final day was upon them and we started the day with a gratitude session that made the kids think about who they wanted to be for their tribe for the day and what that would look like. The 5th key is to “not go home wondering ‘what if’ “, with only two activities (Abseil and Bush Challenge) to go, they had to combine all of the 5 keys to have no regrets. Highlights for the two activities were; Jacob, Kane for making up the mud wall at Bush Challenge and Keanu and Blake for facing their fear of heights on the Abseil tower.

To finish the camp off we got the three values winners chosen by the two tribes; Jacob, Will and Lucas to go for a hot lap in the summit army tank.

Times - Scavenger hunt: Team Arrow 600 points, Big Lily Nuggets 440 points

Bush challenge: Team Arrow 25.06 mins, Big Lily Nuggets 30.13 minutes

Thanks for all the fun,

Steph and Tim

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