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Kurunjang Secondary College Camp 2

It was an exciting start to the second camp of Kurunjang Secondary College year seven students and teachers. With information passed on from the returning student from camp one, so many students had questions about when were they doing this activity, what about that activity? So, no time to waste, it was straight into the swing of things and initiatives started.

How do you begin camp without having an identity? You create it yourself and with that Tribe identity saw the 12 Tim Tams and Muddy Bobcats made tribe flags. The Tribes found the courage to go off the ground for the first time as they flew through the sky on the 144 metre Flying Fox.

Tash’s Ladder was a great stretch for a lot of people, as the ladder was straight up and the height was a challenge in itself. Photo scavenger hunt was a race around the Summit to find photo opportunities and gain points. Tim Tams started the search first and gained 410 points but were overtaken by Muddy Bobcats who were hungry for a win and gained 660 points. Inflatables had some brilliant obstacle racing and games of Foosball, while others braved the Sky Bridge. Some may have fallen on the bridge but never gave up. To finish off the day, each tribe would tackle the Monster course and get really, really muddy. The course started of competitive but turned out to be a great fun run and encouragement from everyone to finish and Embrace the “Comfortable being Uncomfortable” feel for the day. For the record Muddy Bobcats got a time of 50.27 and 12 Tim Tams got 56.48.

The last day of camp saw a lot students climb the big tower to then Abseil the 21 meter wall and push the Stretch, Super Stretch.

Super star effort for everyone who came to the top and took in the sights and/or Abseiled. Bush Challenge was the last of the tribe challenges with Muddy Bobcats going around the course in 33.11, while 12 Tim Tams managed to get the course done in 30.39.

Values winners were voted for by each tribe member on who lived by the Summit five key values of camp. These winners were rewarded with the exceptional opportunity to ride in The Summit army tank. Well done to Amelia and Shayleigh.

Remember to stay connected to the Summit through the stay connected cards. It was a pleasure to work with the students and teachers from Kurunjang Secondary College. We look forward to seeing you all back at The Summit in the near future.

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