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Langwarrin Park Primary School

On Monday the 25th of February, the grade six students and their teachers arrived at The Summit for their amazing camp. It has been a few years since we’ve seen familiar faces amongst the staff but it was back to old times before we knew it. Each tribe would form and come up with a tribe name and identity. We welcomed Dynamite, Poisonous Pickles, Golden Piglets, Fearless 14, F.F.A, Llamas Legends, Baba Bellies and Team Infinity to the Summit camp.

Throughout camp each of the tribe created tribe flags/banners as a representation of them. There were so many creative designs. The amount of G.M.I.C that were written and read out was so amazing to hear and read out. We encourage you to continue to do G.M.I.C at school or even in your everyday lives. Here are the tribe results. Bush Challenge was really close. All tribes did exceptionally well but the top three were Team Infinity 29.41, llama Legends 33.10, Poisonous pickles with 33.12. The Monster course was most people’s favourite activity at camp and here the results for that Golden Piglets 29.17, Team Infinity 32.32 and Baba Bellies 34.27.

Values were voted for from each tribe member for a person in their tribe who lived by the five keys at camp (Have Fun, Play All In, Make Lots of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable and Not Going Home Wondering What If). Congratulations to the following people Dynamite - Brad, Poisonous Pickles - Alex, Golden Piglets - Belle, Fearless 14 - Declan, F.F.A- Aaron, Llama Legends- Ella, Baba Bellies-Kobe and Team Infinity- Bo. You were all sensational at camp and rewarded with the ride in the Summit Army tank. Thank you everyone who came to camp. We look forward seeing you again at the Summit in the near future.

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