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Emerson School

Emerson School

Monday brought the sunshine and the year nine’s from Emerson School! Being a small group, we were able to stick together as one big tribe! After a welcome, a small chance to get to know everyone, and learning the first two key ingredients for camp – Have Fun and Play All In – it was time to get into activities! During the afternoon, we took on the Snowy River Challenge, where we worked on teamwork and communication. Next was the Summit Window, testing everyone’s nerves at heights! Before we knew it, Day 1 was done! Or so we thought. There was a night walk planned, taking the Year Nine’s on an adventure through the bush!

Tuesday wasn’t quite as sunny or nice as Monday, but we didn’t let the rain dampen our fun! The morning started with learning the next two Key Ingredients: Make Lots of Mistakes, and Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable. Though it was a little chilly and wet, it didn’t stop anyone from having fun and taking on Laser Skirmish! After Laser came time for another heights’ challenge – The Sky Bridge. Even if the Bridge wasn’t for everyone, those who tried it, gave it an epic go! The support from the whole group below for those taking on the Sky Bridge was awesome! With the rain falling, everyone was glad for a break and some lunch! After lunch, we took on the Giant Swing! Lots of fun we had with some people going further than they thought they could! After a play on the Swing, it was time to take on the Monster Course. The Monster Course made sure we got outside our comfort zone by getting us wet, muddy and taking on numerous challenges! Our previous activities had been preparing us for this and it showed through the incredible teamwork, communication, problem solving, and leadership. After the monster course, it was time for a well-earned warm shower, and then, dinner time. After dinner, we squeezed in a bit more fun with Minute To Win It! This gave everyone a chance to relax, be a little silly, and laugh and have some fun!

Wednesday morning meant it was the last day on camp! The final Key Ingredient was introduced – Don’t Go Home Wondering What If. There were two last activities to take on before leaving. We started with the Scavenger Hunt, getting the whole team together to try and get as many points as possible. Then, for the last activity, it was the High Wire. The last chance for everyone to see how far they could push themselves at heights, working on our last Key Ingredient. Before we knew it, it was time for lunch and to say goodbye! Just before we left, some lucky people voted by the whole group had the opportunity to have a ride in our Army Tank! A big congratulations to Josh, Elouise, Negari, and Lachlan!

A huge thank you to everyone who came!

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