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Grovedale College

The Summit coaches had the pleasure of having Grovedale college come to The Summit last week. The camps were split into two groups Monday to Wednesday and Wednesday to Friday.

Grovedale One

Getting off the bus on Monday most of you were pretty keen to go and start your activities. After meeting the coaches we started off with an initiative activity to get you all problem solving and working as one. From there we decided on our tribe names, we now had: Winnie the Pooh, Silent Llamas, Juicy Fruits, Super Awesome Epic People and Hella Sweaty.

The rest of the afternoon we moved into our first two rotations, these activities included Snowy River Challenge, Sky Bridge, Flying Fox, Rock wall and Inflatables.

Day two was filled with another day of activities and of course our awesome Monster course in the afternoon. Everyone was very keen to get muddy and it defiantly showed with the energy put into running the course. We were super surprised the amount of energy you had after we told you, that you would be running a second lap to improve your time.

You all took on the challenge like champions and there was no better way to celebrate, then with a Water-slide and swim.

Wednesday came around quick and with only two more activities left we were going to make the most of our time. No surprise there, we smashed our activities. After lunch we wrapped up our awesome three day camp and celebrated a few amazing legends. These epic people were voted for by their tribes and were rewarded with a lap in a WWII army tank. From there it was time to say our final goodbyes and catch the bus home.

Grove dale one, thank you so much for giving your best on camp, us coaches loved hanging out with you all.

Grovedale Two

It was a busy Wednesday at The Summit, we said goodbye to Grovedale One and welcomed Grovedale Camp two. The Summit coaches were super excited to have another three days to hang out with more of the legends from Gorvedale.

Day one was pretty cruisey, it was all about having fun and playing all in. We started with our tribe initiatives, that got everyone working together and trying to solve the challenge in front of them. From there we moved into the first lot of our activities. These were: Tash’s Ladder, Snowy River Challenge, Inflatables, Scavenger Hunt and Snake and Nails. Crushing through the first day of activities, us coaches were excited for the days ahead.

Day two and, it was a hot one. Everyone was looking forward to the monster course not only to cool off but to also participant in an awesome tribal challenge. Even in the heat you all crushed the obstacle course and to our surprise were super excited when we told you that we would be going for a second lap! We cooled off even more with with a trip down our Blue Waterslide.

Friday rolled around and we were cruising into the weekend completing our last two activities with ease. After some lunch we all came back together to wrap up camp and mention a few legends that were outstanding while on camp. These lucky legends got to ride in our WWII army tank.

Thank you again to Grovedale camp one and two for having an awesome week with us coaches, we hope you enjoyed your week as much as we did

- Liv, Kyle, Jaime, Stitch, Loz, Jackie, Cam, Paula and Greg

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