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Wellington Secondary College

Wellington Secondary College came for a quick overnight visit to the Summit last week. Being a Year 11 and 12 group it was nice to see some familiar faces from last year as well as some new faces.

We wasted no time on our first day, getting straight into some tribe initiatives, followed by two of our first three activities. The first rotation of activities included Bush Challenge, Sky Bridge ad Summit Window. In the afternoon we organised two tribal challenges before heading into our most epic challenge of all…. THE MONSTER COURSE.

We started off with an Egg Toss to see who could throw the egg the furthest without the egg smashing. Jake and Maddi as well as Clay and Christian proved that they were the champs when it came to throwing eggs. Next we played a tunnel ball but with with a twist. Instead of a ball we had sponges and the aim was to hold as much water as you could in the sponge while passing it back the line to fill your teams cup. Now the games were over and we were ready for the Monster Course. Some of you had already done the Monster Course last year, so, us, coaches decided to surprise you with some new obstacles. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the Monster Course and to celebrate we washed off in the lake. From there it was hot showers and getting ready for dinner.

Day two and you were all feeling the exhaustion from the day before. We managed to get through our next three rotations of activities and played a few games of basketball and volleyball as well. After having time to relax, it finally came to the time to wrap up camp. We didn’t let you leave though without seeing our WWII army tank in action. Some lucky legends also got to have a ride in the Tank. Well done to Jay, Maddi, Clay and Angus for an awesome effort during camp.

Bush Challenge:

1st - TTTT Turtles - 17.31min

2nd - Jay Jays - 21.28min

3rd - Bush Rangers - 21.55min

Snowy River Challenge

1st - Bush Rangers - 11.04min

2nd - Jay Jays - 11.38min

3rd - TTTT Turtles - 15.20min


1st - TTTT Turtles - 35.58min

2nd - Bush Rangers - 41.25min

3rd - Jay Jays - 45.26min

Thank you to Wellington Secondary College for coming to The Summit. Year 11s we hope to see you again and year 12s good luck with everything, we wish you all the best!

- Liv, Kati and Paul

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