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Lumen Christi Point Cook Primary School

On Wednesday 13th March, the students and teachers from Lumen Christi Point Cook made their way to the Summit for an exciting three day camp. With so many activities for camp there was no time to waste. Each tribe created a tribe identity and even a flag. The tribe names were Flying Potatoes, Units, Flying Fruits, K.F.C, Freshavacado, Capabills, Team Kit Kats and Summit Warriors.

Over the three days there were a number of group challenges as well as individual ones. Here are some of the highlights and results from the challenges. Photo Scavenger hunt saw Freshavacado achieve 590 points beaten by Capabills with 620 and winning it all was Units with 630.

Bush Challenge was a great challenge and really brought out the best tribe team work. Well done to Capabills, who smashed around the course with a time of 32.19.

Skybridge was quiet an obstacle for a lot of people, both physically and mentally. There were so many great efforts from everyone who attempted the bridge. So many brilliant efforts and never give up attitudes.

Swing was a thrilling drop and swing through the air as pairs chose what height they wanted to do. It took tribe to get the participant to their desired height but was so much fun, and screams of joy/terror could be heard all over the park.

Monster course was all about team work, adjustment and learning how to work together whilst tackling obstacles around the Summit. Flying Fruits were the third fastest with a time of 32.40, Team Kit Kat completed the course in 32.13 but were out ran by Summit Warriors with a time of 30.43. The real winners of the course were all the crazy kids old and young who had an epic mud bath at the end of the course.

To complete the camp each tribe wold vote for a member of tribe who lived by the five keys of camp. Congratulations to Tina, Karen, Emma, Ethan, Sebastian, Hudson, Abigail and Ollie on being voted as the winners. Keep up the great work Lumen Christi and we look forward to seeing you again at the Summit in the near future. Keep going with the G.M.I.C/G.M.A.L.

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