Parkdale Secondary College

It has been a pleasure to have the students and teachers from Parkdale Secondary College back at the Summit for another year 12 school camp. With 202 students the numbers are getting bigger and bigger each year. With no time to waste it was time to get straight into the rotations of initiatives and activities. Each tribe got their name from a group discussion and their tribe identity was formed. Team Taco’s, G2 Summit, The Lucas’, Rust, Team Mia/Paul, Beetroot Bongo’s, Sth, The Shanes, Struddles, Green Leaves, Unbreakables, Cookies, Sia and Pending were the names of the tribes.

Throughout camp there were so many students pushing themselves beyond their comfort levels. It was inspiring seeing so many tackle activities that may seem easy for some but hard for others. Sky Bridge had many fall but get back up again and continue to cross the bridge or find alternative way to get across. Abseiling was all about the control of the descent. Finding the courage to climb to the top of the big tower, and lower down under self-control with the back-up of the Summit coach. Giant swing had numerous people screaming with either delight or fear. The feeling of letting go of whatever is holding you back and the feeling of the free fall is something else. Well done everyone who braved the height and released themselves. Cave was a great challenge to find your way through a dark space into the unknown, very much where a lot of you are with your future. Take it on and back yourself for whatever you want to do. Leap of faith was all about back yourself and taking the leap to what you want. If you want it bad enough you give yourself all the chance to get it, in the case of Leap getting the bar was that goal.

There were some great team challenges throughout the three days of camp. Here are the results from each challenge. Bush challenge had Sia completing the course in 19.20, beaten out by Unbreakables in 19.05 but winning was Team Taco’s in 12.41. Snowy River challenge had Sth complete the course in 20.13, beaten out by Rust in 18.49 and taking out the win was Beetroot Bongo’s in 15.15. Monster was definitely a most popular activity of camp from most campers. The mud, run, water, obstacles really had every tribe work so brilliantly together. The Summit coaches all agreed that this was one of our favourite monster runs as everyone really gave it their all. The results were quiet close with Sia coming third in 33.57, Unbreakables taking second with 33.50 and The Shanes taking the win in 32.50. So much mud and smile throughout this course.

On the last debrief of each activity, each tribe member voted for a member in their tribe who demonstrated the five keys throughout camp. This member would be rewarded with a hot lap in the Summit original World War Two army tank. Well done to Bailey, Liam, Ruby, Saduff, Nick, Jackson, Dean, Ethan, Harrison, Tahlia, Ash, Jack, Max and Chris. All deserving winners.

Thank you for a great camp and good luck with your future endeavours. Remember to stay connected and if you are interested in further personal development, remember

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