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St Arnaud Secondary College

After a journey across nearly half of Victoria, the year 7’s from St Arnaud Secondary College were ready to play!!

Before hitting the park, we learnt a couple of things to help us all get the most out of camp! These included a goal setting technique called Target, Stretch, Super Stretch, and the Five Keys, with Wednesday’s focus on Play All In and Have Fun. The first step was an initiative to get our bodies and brains warmed up for camp. Instead of tribe 1 and tribe 2, we would now be known as The Survivors and The Stooges. Our first two activities were the Scavenger Hunt and Snakes & Nails. After both tribes completing those two activities it was the end of the day!

Thursday started with everyone learning about a Morning Intention and choosing who they wanted to be that day. The next two keys were also used as a focus; Make Lots Of Mistakes, and, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable. The morning started with some fun and teamwork as Tribes battled it out in Laser Skirmish and the Snowy River Challenge. After the two rotations, it was time for some new activities: Inflatables and High Wire. After lunch, we had one more rotation and then it was time for the Monster Course! Both tribes successfully completed the it but were a little surprised when were told they were doing it again! The value everyone got from the second lap was immeasurable, showing that determination, encouragement, and some awesome teamwork makes tough situations seem a little bit easier. Both tribes absolutely crushed the second lap, with both improving their lap times.

Friday morning signalled the last day of camp. In the morning, the concept of Gratitude and being Thankful was introduced. The last key, Don’t Go Home Wondering What If, was also highlighted as a focus. It was then time to take on the last two activities for camp! The Survivors and The Stooges had Rock Wall and The Summit Window. Rock wall was all about using everything they’d learnt from the past two days to get to where they wanted plus a little more and The Summit Window, being the second tallest activity at camp, was about being on top of the world. A special mention to Adella for being the only one to reach the top of the overhang wall!

And just like that, it was time for lunch, and to say our final goodbyes before the Year 7’s from St Arnaud College drove half way back across Victoria!!

A huge thank-you to everyone for making camp so much fun!

  • Jackie, Tash, & Maddie


Scavenger Hunt

  1. Survivors: 600

  2. Stooges: 330

Snowy River Challenge

  1. Survivors: 20 minutes

  2. Stooges: 32 minutes

Monster Course

  1. Survivors: 4 minute improvement

  2. Stooges: 8 minutes improvement

Values Winner:

  1. Survivors: Harrison & Jackson

  2. Stooges: Jordy & Jai

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