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Fitzroy North Primary School

The students and teachers from Fitzroy North Primary School arrived at tThe Summit on the first of April for their grade six camp. It was the first time the school had been to the Summit but there was no April fool’s day joke in sights as everyone was too excited to just be involved with camp. After the introductions, there were some group initiatives before each tribe formed their tribe identity. We welcomed the WeFOF, Raging Bulls, Slightly Somebodies, Summit Soldiers, Fearless 13 and The Rest of Us as the tribes to tackle the camp.

The Giant Swing was certainly a thrill but also had a lot of people facing the fear of heights as they were pulled to above 20 meters to then release themselves for a giant swing. Plenty of screams were heard, even from some teachers and parents. Laser was fun challenge, with some seriously funny trash talk while students dominated the teachers in their games. Some tribes even had a boys vs. girls battle where the girls played the strategic game and won. The boys were out to get in and battle hard. Great fun by all tribes!

There were so many brave souls in the Snake and Nails activity. To walk across a bed of nails and have a little pain for a lifetime of self- belief was so amazing to see. The snake was a great learning lesson as so many found out facts about snake they did not know before and had a great opportunity to get up close and personal with the residential pythons.

Summit Window was the highest of all activities for camp and had many really digging deep to set their target, stretch and super stretch to give this one a go, Non-more so than Tom and Stacey who with the help of their tribe faced their own fears of the heights to the glorious cheer of the students. Angus was the super star who may not have done a lot of activities but certainly gave the window a real go and learnt a lot about his own capabilities when he put his mind to it. Charlie’s encouragement was nothing short of 10/10 for the Summit Soldiers.

GMIC were introduced to everyone to acknowledge the Great Moment In Camp. This was the opportunity to show others how great they had been doing throughout camp. This was also the time that Issy B. got many mentions on how brave she was to continue across the Sky Bridge after falling many times. She had a laugh at the comments and was very happy to see the end of the activity.

Monster Course is a highly contested challenge. Everyone improved their times which proved that when you think you have done your best there is that little bit more you can find. The top three were as follows: Slightly Somebodies with an improvement of 10.19, Summit Soldiers with an improvement of 13.11, but winning and only just was Raging Bulls who improved by 13.15. very close and great fun everyone; we know we had fun running with you around the course.

Thank you again to all the students, teachers and parents from Fitzroy North P.S who came to The Summit camp. We look forward to seeing you back at the Summit again real soon.

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