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Oakleigh Grammar

Oakleigh Grammar

Wednesday the 3rd of April brought the Year 9’s from Oakleigh Grammar to The Summit. The year 9’s were introduced to the Five Keys – Have Fun, Play All In, Make Lots Of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable, and, Don’t Go Home Wondering What If, with a focus on the first two. After meeting The Summit team, we got outside and played a game of Huckle Buckle. After a harness and helmet demonstration, followed by the goal setting technique of Target, Stretch, Super Stretch, everyone was ready to get into activities! The first round of four activities included Snake & Nails, Inflatables, Bush Challenge, and Sky Bridge. Two rotations of these activities saw out the first day!

Thursday began with the introduction of Morning Intentions and choosing who you wanted to be that day. Keys Three and Four were todays focus. A game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Chant got bodies moving. The morning started with the completion of the last two rotations with the first set of activities. The third rotation for the day saw the time to try the new activities: Abseil, Flying Fox, Rockwall, and Leap Of Faith. After two rotations of the new activities, split by lunch, it was time for the Monster Course. The Monster Course had teams think they were racing against the other Tribes to get the fastest lap time. They were carrying tyres, throwing tennis balls, moving tyres on wooden sleds, dodging exercise balls, throwing Frisbee’s, climbing across a big cargo net suspended over a lake, and getting head-to-toe covered in mud. Once at the finish line, after tribes had thought they had given it their all, the surprise of the second lap came! A few mixed emotions began but once the tribes rallied around each other, the energy was high and the year 9’s were pumped! Lap two was about testing your character and who you are when you’re already cold, and wet, and tired, and how much more you can actually give. The teamwork shown in the second lap of Monster was just incredible to see!

Friday morning started with some bleary eyed students but after the introduction of Gratitude, the faces on some of the students changed from disinterest, to feeling the good feels. Friday’s game was a spin-off of the classic Egg, Tiger, Crane with new combinations of Construction Crane, Mixer being used. It was then time to complete the final two activities of camp! Before anyone could really bat an eye, it was lunch time! Back up in the Stadium, the year 9’s had one last practice of Gratitude at camp, giving thanks to the Catering Team, their teachers, and then each other. The results were read out for the Bush Challenge and the Monster Course. The Value’s winners, voted by each Tribe, were also announced. It was then time to head down to The Summit’s Army Tank, get a group photo and then, the values winners got a reward by having a hot-lap in the Tank! The buses were then filled with the students and back to Oakleigh Grammar they went!

Thank-you all for the fun and laughter you all brought!

  • Jackie, Mia, Paul, & Paula


Bush Challenge

  1. Levendia 28:39

  2. Vanilla Latte 2 Sugars 28:20

  3. 14 + 1 33:00

  4. Yftis 26:47

Monster Course

  1. Levendia -14:53

  2. Vanilla Latte 2 Sugars -5:20

  3. 14 + 1 -8:30

  4. Yftis -6:54

Values Winners

  1. Levendia - Micheal

  2. Vanilla Latte 2 Sugars - Zoe

  3. 14 + 1 - Emily

  4. Yftis - Maria

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