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Belgrave Heights Christian School

Wednesday the 3rd April was the start of the camp for the students and teachers from Belgrave Heights Christian College. With a change of date and time of year the same enthusiasm was met with great weather.

With the formal introductions done, it was time to get into the swing of camp and form tribe identities. Jablinskis, Summit Survivors, Tripe A, Flarbba Barba, E and Thee Champions were the tribe names.

Summit Window was not only a challenge of heights but also the challenge to take your hands off and trust in the coach while you leant back and take in the sight from above. Giant Swing was about the tribe working together to allow the participant to reach their goal and release themselves for the swing and free fall of the Giant Swing. There were plenty of epic screams and laughable moments with this one. Highwire had you climbing up the tree to the wire to be rewarded with a high five from a friend before facing a challenge to lay down and balance in the wire all with the support of your tribe on the belay system. Laser was, for some tactical, as for others it was just fun to “laser-shoot” the other team and have a laugh. Cave was a step into the unknown, going into the darkness and trusting in yourself to find your way to the end. Different tactics were used to calm the nerves, which also brought some giggles as people said some great comments to themselves.

The tribe challenges were hotly contested between all tribes. The first opportunity was during Snowy River Challenge. Thee Champions completed the course in 23.32; Summit Survivors completed the course in 17.40, while Jablinskis completed it in 17.14. The top three were Triple A who took 16.20, beaten out by E who took 16.08 but the winners were Flarbba Barba who smashed the course out in 9.03. Monster saw all tribes improve their time from the first lap to the second. Jablinskis improved by 8.10, beaten out by Triple A who improved by 9.15 only to fall short by 13 seconds to E who improved by 9.28.

Values winners where voted for by tribe member at the end of camp. These winners would be rewarded with a hot lap in the Summit Army tank. Congratulations to John, Katie, who gave her place up to Dion, Nyssa, Charlie, Mitch and Jaime, you all were admired by your tribes.

Thank you again to everyone who came to the Summit with Belgrave. Hope to see you in the near future.

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