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Islamic College of Melbourne

Islamic College of Melbourne

The year seven boys from Islamic College of Melbourne (ICOM) and their teachers arrived at the summit on Tuesday 16th April ready for an action packed three day camp. With no time to waste, it was straight into the first rotation before beginning the first of nine rotations. Each tribe came up with a name or Identity for the camp. Noodles, Bulldozers and Raiders were the names and they were cheered out quiet often.

The first three activities were High wire, Giant Swing and Leap of faith.

Leap was all about the trust in yourself, the equipment and the coach. Giant Swing was about letting go of fear to swing into the excitement of free fall. Highwire was about the team support and rewarding the effort with a high five with a partner. Completing two of three rotations meant the next day there would be five rotations and a Monster Course. BIG DAY!!!

Completing the last of the day before activities, the new rotations saw Rockwall, Snake and Nails and the Cave. The challenge of the climb was the real challenge on the Rock wall. The fear of the unknown was the caves outcome. Snake and Nails was the perceived danger of the snake and Nails vs. real dangers in life.

Summit window was the highest of all the challenges, with the soaring of the Flying Fox and tribe challenge of Bush Challenge rounded off the activities. Bush challenge saw the Noodles win in the time of 26.22, followed by Bulldozers who completed the course in 29.00 and in third was Raiders with a time of34.07. Monster was won by Raiders in 25.22, followed by Noodles 30.45 and third went to Bulldozers in 36.42.

Values winners were voted for from theirs tribes for a person who demonstrated the five key values of the Summit. Congratulations to Sharjeel, Ahmed Hassan and Caliph. Worthy winners and great camp by you all.

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