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Galen Catholic College Camp 2

It was a busy hump day at The Summit. Fare-welling one awesome Galen group, we were very keen to meet the other half of an epic year level. You did not disappoint! From the moment we meet you, your energy was off the charts.

After sharing the Five Keys with you all, it was time to hit the park.

Our first day flew as we only had two activities to complete and everyone was embracing the first two keys Have Fun and Play All In.

Day two begin with a quick game of Crane, before we headed into our three activities for the day. Everyone crushed their activities and smashed through their target, stretch and super stretches! After lunch we all participated in an intense Ga Ga Ball tournament. Tribes went head to head to become the champs of the Ga Ga pit. The Galen tribes put up a great fight but were unfortunately not able to defeat out coaches and teachers team. From there, it was time for the long a waited Monster Course. Again the energy was crazy, even after completing a SECOND LAP! Well done to all tribes for persisting through both laps and encouraging your tribe mates through the obstacles.

Sadly Friday came around too quickly, meaning we only had one more day together. We were determined to make it count! Again we powered through our last two rotations, taking everything we had learnt from the past 2 days and putting it into action. Before we said our final goodbyes, we acknowledged one person from every tribe that represented the Summits five keys. These lucky legends got to have a ride in our world war two army tank! Congratulations to Ollie, Chelsea, Matt, Bella, Ned, James and Jye.

Monster Improvement Times

1st- Mad Dogs -11.22min

2nd- Dope As -9.19min

3rd- New Heights -7min

4th- Click and Collect -6.39min

5th- Bogans -5.27min

6th- Raglafarts -1.03min

7th- Bunnings Sags -53sec

Bush Challenge Results

1st- Bunnings Sags

2nd-New Heights

3rd- Ragalfarts

4th-Mad Dogs

5th-Click n Collect

6th- Dope As


A big thank you to both Galen camps for starting the term off with a bang!

  • Liv, Trinette, Kyle, Paula, Ash, Maddi, Marcus and Greg

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