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Galen Catholic College Camp 1

Arriving, the vibes on the buses were awesome, making us, coaches, very excited to meet you all. Before we began our first activities, we gave you 5 Keys that you would be focusing on throughout your time on camp.

We started day one with the focus on Have Fun and Play all In. Despite being your first day, everyone was very keen to do all the activities, even the high ones.

Day two and it was a frosty morning, so we played game of Rock Paper, Scissor Chant to warm us up. With Playing All In and Having Fun still a focus, day two called for two more keys. These were Get Comfortable being Uncomfortable and Make Lots of Mistakes. We smashed through three activities in the morning before lunch, leaving us with an epic afternoon of playing and working hard. Before Monster we put our strategic skills to the test with an intense two rounds of strategy games. It was a close game but in the end group four; Dope as Chuck, took the win. It was now finally time for our Monster Course! As teams set off to run the course not once, BUT TWICE our coaches had an absolute ball running with you and seeing the progression and difference between the first and second lap! It was no surprise to us that you all improved your times. Day three and sadly, the last day of camp. With a focus of Don't Go Home Wondering What If, we completed our last two activities with ease. Before you all said your goodbyes we acknowledged one person from every tribe that had represented the five Summit keys. These lucky legends got to have a ride in our WWII army tank. Congratulations to Taylor, Amelia, Ruby, Matt, Henry, Wally and Tom.

Monster Improvement Times

1st – Cheesy Chompers -13.10min

2nd- Frothies – 12.13min

3rd- Kurtanators 11.13min

4th- Dags – 9.15min

5th- Wombats – 8.52min

6th- Dope as Chuck - 7.45min

7th- Survivors – 5.59min

Snowy River Challenge

1st – Cheesy Chompers

2nd- Kurtnators

3rd- Frothies

4th – Wombats

5th- Survivors

6th – Dope as Chuck

7th- Dags

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