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Heatherton Christian College

On Monday 29th April the year sevens and eights form Heatherton C.C arrived at The Summit for their five day camp. I was so nice to see so many familiar faces both with the students returning in year eight from last years’ camp but also the teachers.

With the introductions done and an initiative to start the activities off, it was time to create tribe identities. The Raiders, Shady Jadies, The Leeches, The Elite Leftovers, Coconut Conquers and Uprises were the new tribe names.

The flag/ banners that were created in the Tribe Identity activity were so impressive. High Wire got everyone their inner circus performer as pairs walked out to the middle for the glory of the high five. The efforts of so many on the leap of faith, scaling up to the top of the Big tower to tackle the Summit Window. The Giant Swing had so many thrilling the free fall and screaming with joy/ terror. Flying Fox had students souring through tree and over the lake to the cheers of their tribes. Snake and Nails was brilliant ‘to face your fear’ activity with both a walk across the bed of nails and handling the snake. Cave was a step into the darkness and a step into the unknown.

Here are the tribe challenge results and once again for making the mistake of not having all the results when we finished. Bush Challenge saw Uprises in third with a time of 22 .59,Coconut Conquers came second in 22.42 and winners were Elite Leftovers in a time of 21.55.

Snowy River Challenge had Raiders complete the course in 27.05, second being crowned by Shady jadies in 23.10 only to be piped by Uprises who completed the course in 22.49.

Monster was the big highlight of camp and the results were as follows (full score sheet for this one) raiders improved by 3.02, Elite Leftovers improved by 4.41, Coconut Conquers improved by 6.59, Uprises improved by 7.08, Shady Jadies improved by 8.15 but with the biggest improvement of 11.04 was the winners, The Leeches.

The values winners were gifted at the end of camp with a ride in the Army tank. Congratulations to Laura, Chris, Gemma, Noah, Tess, Taylah and Kate. Remember to stay connected to The Summit with your stay connected cards.

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