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Lyndale Secondary College

Last week we had Lyndale Secondary College come to the Summit for an epic three day camp.

Day one was an ‘ease into it’ kind of day. We created our tribe names, had a go at an initiative and competed two activities. Everyone was utilizing the first two keys Play All In and Have fun. Some special mentions would go to Vit and Jas for persisting on the Sky Bridge even with a few falls along the way, and Tara, who went further then she thought she could on the Rock wall. Overall everyone had a great first day and were excited for Day two.

Day two, or AKA the most intense and fun day we have at The Summit. With a big day ahead of us, we thought we would start off with an easy and fun game of Huckle Buckle. From there we moved into our activities for the day. It was a huge day of activities, with four rotations and of course in the afternoon we had our epic Monster Course. Half way through the day we switched into our four new activities. These were Scavenger Hunt, Leap of Faith, Abseil and Snake and Nails. In the afternoon we had our amazing Monster Course. You all did a great job at all the obstacles and powered through very quick. You were however, very shocked when us, coaches, told you that we would be running again to beat our original time. But like everything else you took the challenge head on and smashed the second lap. It was a raining finish to camp on day three. Finishing our last two activities off in the rain drenched was not ideal, but you all still powered through till the end. To end camp we gave you some results and celebrated a few people that have been outstanding over the last three days. These lucky legends got to have a ride in our WWII army tank.


1st – Mor

2nd – Cobra Kai

3rd – Black Dragons

4th – Starks

Monster Improvement times

1st- Mor

2nd- Cobra Kai

3rd- Black Dragons

4th- Starks

Thank you again to Lyndale for coming to The Summit and having a blast with us coaches.

  • Liv, Maddi, Steph, Kati and Jaime

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