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John Paul College

It was a wet start to camp, but that didn’t stop John Pauls’s year ten from having all the fun. We had a big first day with a welcome to camp and then straight into three activities. Every group had this amazing energy and willingness to give everything a go, which represented the first two Summit Keys; Play all in and Have fun. Day One was a massive success and all the coaches were super excited to see what else this awesome group had to offer.

Day two and the rain looked like it was going to hold off. However the morning was quite chilly, so we warmed up with a game of Huckle-Buckle! From there it was straight into another three activities before lunch. After lunch we flew through our last activity, which meant it was finally time for the Monster Course. With some inspirational words from Matt, everyone was super keen and excited to get out onto the course. To say you all crushed it, not once BUT twice would be a massive understatement. The coaches were super impressed with each tribe banned together to complete the two laps. Not to mention the support and encouragement you had not just for your own tribe, but every other tribe around you, it was incredible to see. Once everyone finished the course we opened up our Blue Water-slide for those who wanted one more chilly dip in the water before heading up to the showers.

Day three and the rain was back. However, a little bit of rain was not going to stop us from finishing off our camp with a bang. No shock you all powered to the finish in your activities. Up at lunch we had a massive straight elimination game of Ga Ga Ball to see who was the ultimate champ. However it was Matt one of the Summit coaches that took out the hard earned title. After lunch we had one more surprise left for you all. We acknowledged one person from each tribe that had represented the five keys throughout their time at camp. Well done to; Daniel, Paige, Amy Aaron, Zeb, Mikayla, Monet, Bell and Lachie. These lucky legends got to have a ride in our WWII army tank and we as a year all got to cheer them on. From there is was time to say our final goodbyes and head to the buses.

Monster Improvement times

1st- Cheesy Peas – 11.35min

2nd- Golden Budha -6.30min

3rd- Team hayes -3.53min

4th- Chicken Dinner -3.45min

5th- Hungry Hippos -3.28min

6th- Fobalious -3.14min

7th- Un Co’s -2.37min

8th- Thunder Strike -2min

9th- Mud Heads 1.55min

Snowy River Times

1st- Fobolisious

2nd- Thunder Strike

3rd- Hungry Hippos

4th- Chicken Dinner

5th- Mud Heads

6th- Team Hayes

7th- Un Co’s

8th- Golden Budhas

9th- Cheesey Peas

Thank you thank you thank you to the amazing John Paul year ten’s for coming to The Summit for playing hard and having all the fun with us coaches.


  • Liv, Maddi, Jac, Trin, Kyle, Liam, Kati, Jamie, Lauren, and Greg.

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