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Taylors Lakes Secondary College

On Monday the 6th May to the 8th May the year 8 students from Taylors Lakes Secondary College came to The Summit for their school Camp. Once everyone was settled into camp life it was time for each tribe to form their new identity, a name for themselves. The Awesome People, Mickey Mouse Club House, Fire Breathing Flamingos, Summit Souvlaki, Bunning’s Bogans, Limbos, Underdogs and the Rebellious Teenagers were the new names for each tribe.

Giant Swing was a huge highlight for a lot of people, as the tribe worked together to give the participant the desired height they wanted to get. The free fall and swing was the adrenaline rush a lot of campers wanted and needed. Summit Window was the highest activity for camp soaring over the camp grounds as each participant had the opportunity to scale the big tower and release their hands to take in the view from the top.

High wire pushed many in scaling the tree before walking out along the wire to their friends, high-fiving before coming down from 8 metres in the air. Real tribe work was needed while belaying each other and supporting each other. The Cave was the challenge of the unknown as each person went into the darkness to find their way through to a bunk room, where the rest of the tribe members were waiting for them.

Snake and Nails was the activity where mind over matter was needed. Participants focused on what they wanted to achieve before step across the bed of nails and then receive a high-five from a waiting friend. Snake was a unique experience for so many, to just be in the presence of a snake was a great effort for some people for others the excitement to hold the snake was hard to contain.

Bush Challenge was the mini tribe challenge before the Monster. Really working together and discussing strategies was the need for this one. Laser had the inner war warrior exposed as team battled it out with Laser guns and talk tactics to have the least amount of re spawns to be victorious. Inflatables were all about the inner child being released as everyone was able to play foos-ball and race on the adrenaline rush Inflatable obstacle course.

Thank you everyone who came to camp we look forward to seeing you again at The Summit in the near future.

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