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Box Hill High School

The Summit was visited by the loud and rowdy group of year eights from Box Hill High School. Their energy was so good, we couldn’t wait to have all the fun with them.

Ready with the Five Keys our first day was all about Having Fun and Playing all in. We definitely achieved this goal with everyone having an awesome attempt at their first two activities. Before we knew it, day was done and we were so ready to see what else this year level had to offer.

Day two started with an epic game of Jockeys. We all smashed through our three rotations striving for our target, stretch, and super stretches. With an afternoon free from activities we were ready to dig into our epic Monster Course. As tribe by tribe set out to tackle the obstacles ahead, the energy was intense on the stage with everyone itching to leave. All tribes smashed through not one but TWO laps of our awesome Monster Course. The encouragement and support from each tribe was great to see. The efforts you all made paid off as each tribe improved from their first lap.

Day three, and the sun was shining, it was going to be a great day at The Summit. As always, we started with a game, this time we were playing Huckle-Buckle. With two more activities to go, there was no time to waste. Friday feels were defiantly around the park as we cruised easily to the finish. Before you all left though, we had one more surprise left - an uncrushed car was delivered to The Summit during the week and we wanted Box Hill to be the first one to crush it! We also had some lucky people from each tribe that got to experience this amazing tank ride. After the car was crushed it was time to say our final goodbyes and head to the buses.

Monster Results

1st- Squircles

2nd- Too basics

3rd- Lord farquard

4th- Group 11

5th- Group 3

6th- Mavricks

7th- Group 6

8th- Fobalisous

9th- Empty

10th- Wakunda

11th- Lunitics

12th- Casper Nine

13th- Close Enough

Snowy Results

1st- Fobalious

2nd- Too Basics

3rd- Group 3

4th- Group 6

5th- Mavricks

6th- Casper Nine

7th- Empty

Bush Challenge

1st- Close enough

2nd- Lunitics

3rd- Group 11


5th- Lord Farquard

6th- Wagunda

Thank you again to Box Hill High School for coming and having a ball with us Summit coaches

  • Liv, Mads, Tim, Jackie, Kyle, Ash, Jackie, Paula, Kati, Jaime, Paul, Marcus, Greg and Lauren

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